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Who we are – Opta

Who we are

Organic Processing and Trade Association Europe (OPTA) representing leading industry, EU-based organic processing and trade companies.

We believe that the organic food and farming industry plays a vital role in facilitating the transfer to a sustainable food system. This requires an influential and efficient organic supply chain with active operators.


Use the extensive expertise and pragmatism of our members to positively influence organic policy making through an effective lobby in Brussels.

  • Encourage uniform interpretation of organic legislation between EU member states.
  • Stimulate cooperation between organic farmers, processors, importers and distribution companies.
  • Strengthen the quality and stimulate the innovation of the organic sector.
  • Safeguard the interests of international organic trade and processing companies.
  • Provide relevant first-hand information and news to the organic processing and trade industry


Examples of new strategies needed

  • Regulation seems almost to be designed to hold organic small; we need regulation that stimulates organic
  • The CAP was stimulating production since start of EU; CAP has to stimulate the public goods that are now at stake, like soil fertility, biodiversity, clean water etc.
  • New techniques are everywhere exploding; how can they relate to organic in regard to the 100% organic vision?


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