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OPTA strategy paper on residues of Phosphonic Acid


With this strategy paper, OPTA aims to contribute to a solution for the problem of residues of phosphonic acid (PA) in organic products. OPTA proposes a long-term approach to reduce PA findings in organic food and a short-term approach for a practical solution to make PA findings manageable for all actors in the chain of organic.

The OPTA Strategy paper on residues of Phosphonic Acid (PA) is the outcome of the OPTA Working Group on PA, that was installed in spring 2020. The core version of the Strategy paper has been approved by the OPTA, and the finalized Strategy paper was approved by both the Working Group members and the OPTA board.

We like to thank all participants of the Working Group and especially Bernhard Speiser (FiBL) and Norbert Fuchsbauer (HiPP) for their contributions to the paper.

Bavo van den Idsert,

OPTA Association Manager bavo@opta-eu.org

“Copyright photo HiPP”

You can download the full paper here

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