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OPTA position paper on the Green Deal and the “Farm to fork” strategy

1. Draft version 9-7-2020  OPTA position Paper Part 1: Reflections on the Green Deal and the Strategy “Farm to Fork” Introduction With the “Farm to Fork” strategy as part of

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On the way to a harmonized approach for residue handling in the EU

FiBL-OPTA study shows new steps Press release OPTA and FIBL July 15th 2020 Organic agriculture results in high quality products. Only 15% of all organic products analyzed in the EU

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OPTA position paper on organic quality and residues

85% of organic products are “clean” One of the many reasons for consumers to choose organic, is their own health. They like to eat food that doesn’t contain pesticide residues

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New draft Farm to Fork strategy is full of ambition for organic

Mid March the Commission has send a new draft Farm to Fork Strategy to the European Parliament and the Council. The content of the draft can be considered as a

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