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Today is the first EU Organic Day – let’s celebrate!

This morning the European Parliament, Council, and Commission have signed the Joint Declaration of the first EU Organic Day. The idea of the annual Organic Day has been brought up

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We are looking for a new Association Manager

We are an international network of market-leading organic processing and trading companies and interested stakeholders, like organic associations, research organizations and service-providers. To realize our ambitions we are searching for

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Interesting article in BIOECO ACTUAL about phosphonic acid and our work on this topic.

Chemical drift onto organic fields: the phosphonic acid Chemical residues found in food create a general tension between the coexistence of conventional agriculture and organic farming. This is the case

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Inspiring presentation Paul Holmbeck at General Assembly 19 May

‘25% organic in 2030, we can make it’ The main dish of the General Assembly was for sure the lunch-session with guest speaker Paul Holmbeck, until spring 2020 director of

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On the way to 100% organic cultivars and breeds

Cooperation, new language, communication and interest in organic breeding are needed Brussels, May ‘21 The OPTA-FiBL webinar of 5 May brought breeding specialist and market players together and showed what

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OPTA acknowledges the great Commission’s effort in favor of the Organic Sector Brussels, March ‘21 The Organic and Processing Trade Association Europe welcomes the publication of the Commission’s 23-points Organic

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Challenges export-import EU-US webinar:Cooperation between US-EU becomes urgent for the further growth and developments of organic

Experts from Assoziation ökologischer Lebensmittelhersteller  (AÖL), Organic Processing and Trade Association Europe (OPTA) and Organic Trade Association (OTA ) and the Alliance for Organic Integrity (AOI) showed the expected challenges for import-export between

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OPTA webinar Phosphonic Acid with 230 participants shows the importance: A short-term risk-based solution for Phosphonic Acid findings is needed

A large audience gathered at Friday morning at the BIOFACH eSPECIAL webinar on Phosphonic Acid (PA), organized by OPTA in close cooperation with FiBL and AFI. Organic operators, certifiers, researchers

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Research, private sector, national governments EP and Commission representatives agree:Additional targets and instruments for market growth are needed to fill the dish with 25% organic in 2030

BIOFACH 18 February ‘21 Thursday morning at 9.00 the BIOFACH eSpecial congress started with the question what instruments are needed to fulfil the Farm to Fork aim of 25% organic

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Experts OPTA webinar on organic processing at BIOFACH agree:‘Organic sector must refresh vision on organic processing and health’

In the OPTA webinar on the future of organic processing three experts reflected on the relationship between organic and health and the need for further development. The topic health is

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