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Careful Organic Processing and Labeling

How does organic processing distinguish itself from conventional?

Yes, organic food is based on organic ingredients and restricted in additives and techniques.

But does it end here, or do we have a larger ambition? And what about new labelling on health and sustainability?

Central questions for our working group on organic processing.


Next steps in the working group

Short term

  • –Farm to Fork political actions
  • –Our input for the F2F health labelling / Nutriscore concept
  • –Our input for the Eco labelling / Environmental performance labelling
  • –Digestion outcomes of Pro Org recommendations

Long term

  • –Future of organic processing concept for renewal of the organic regulation in terms of 10-15 year
  • More…

Coordinator: Alexander Beck (BLQ GmbH)

You are interested in joining the working group?

Just send an e-mail to: alexander.beck@aoel.org


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