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Organic and Climate

The climate crisis is considered as a main threat and climatestabilization is recognized by OPTA members as a very important goal.

We as OPTA can contribute with creating awareness amongst consumers and show the importance of organic agriculture and food-supply.

OPTA has started a working group to define our strategy and actions.


Next steps in the working group

  • –Position of the Working Group in relation to the board
  • –Description of the goals and means (Terms of reference)
  • –International working group with at least 3 countries represented
  • –Supported approach: realistic and pragmatic = support members
  • –Need for OPTA Position-paper on Climate
  • –Three main subjects identified to serve members
  • More…

Coordinator: Bavo van den Idsert (OPTA)

You are interested in joining the working group?

Just send an e-mail to: bavo@opta-eu.org

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