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Phosphonic Acid and Residues

Although the organic agriculture doesn’t use chemical substances itself, the risk of contaminations is pressing on organic heavily.

OPTA combines the high-level knowledge of our members withour international network to solve challenges on the level of individual substances for the whole organic sector on a harmonized manner.

Next steps in the working group

  • –Need for definition of “substantiated suspicion”; Commission failed to come to a common definition in terms of 0,01 mg/kg (rejected by Member states).
  • –Need for defining what actions has to be taken when a suspicion is  substantiated.
  • –New orientation whether levels could be defined related to substantiated suspicion.
  • –RESCUE group will discuss the arguments that were behind the decision of Belgium in 2015 to chose for the LOQ approach.
  • –OPTA will bring in the RESCUE group that besides a general approach for defining “substantiated” we need differentiation on substances like PA based on scientific knowledge.
  • More…

Coordinator: Bavo van den Idsert (OPTA) & Renate Dylla (BLQ GmbH)

You are interested in joining the working group?

Just send an e-mail to: bavo@opta-eu.org


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