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Organic Import and Certification

The last details on the import regulation and requirements for organic certification outside EU are being dealt with at the very moment and will be finalized this year.

We are close to this process with our organic partner organization already.

Besides the last details, we know important changes will take in the transition from equivalency to the compliance.

Identified topics

  • –Finalization COI, control requirements CB’s and group certification
  • –Guidelines for several countries à procedure integrated in new regulation
  • –UK 1 January 2022: re-export (from EU to UK) forbidden à what next?
  • –Differences EU and NOP, especially on group certifications à this has impact on the import streams
  • –Transfer from equivalence to compliance à may require attention for tropical crops from third countries with allowance of substances that are not in the EU Regulation
  • –Procedures by investigation CB’s in case of irregularities (mostly residues)
  • More…

Coordinator: Bavo van den Idsert (OPTA)

You are interested in joining the working group?

Just send an e-mail to: bavo@opta-eu.org

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